"I am writing these very words in an airport terminal in Moscow, nursing my voice with some ginger tea having played Long Way Down in full for the first time in Russia last night. I never believed the album would make it this far, but it has, and I gotta say it's been an incredible year. Yes one whole year since the album first came out, and it's gone in the blink of an eye. See you very soon for the next one. xx Tom" To celebrate the one year anniversary of 'Long Way Down' this week we've got something very special for you in the Tom Odell store. For a limited time we're offering the 'Long Way Down' songbook, featuring every track from the album scored for piano, voice and guitar and signed by Tom. Whether you're a musician looking to learn the album or a fan looking for a collectible keepsake, click here to place your order.Read More
    On June 24 it's the one year anniversary of Tom's debut album 'Long Way Down'. It was one of the most successful debuts of recent years, winning Tom a brace of Brit Award nominations and this year's Ivor Novello award. To mark the occasion here's Tom of 12 months ago, talking us through another bunch of tracks from his debut.Read More
    This month marks the first anniversary of Tom's critically acclaimed debut album 'Long Way Down', released on June 24 last year. To mark the occasion we'll be looking back at some of the songs and singles from the album that confirmed Tom as one of the most exciting new singer songwriters around, and paved the way for his Ivor Novello win last month. So here's Tom from one year ago, talking us through the first few tracks from 'Long Way Down'. Enjoy.Read More
  • Some Other Loves - An Evolving List of Songs From Tom Odell & His Fans
    Tom's selected some more tracks for the 'Some Other Loves' playlist - just added are Lykke Li's 'Gunshot' and 'Mr Tembo' from Damon Albarn. We've also been going over your suggestions - thanks to Sergio Huber for suggesting Johnny Cash 'Hurt' and Maka Dolidze for Jack White's 'Lazaretto'. Click here to check out the latest version of the 'Some Other Loves' playlist. What would you have chosen? Head over to Facebook and let us know using #someotherloves.Read More
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